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Lantek understands that your time is precious. We’re experts in a variety of different problem-solving strategies that are all in service the same goal: implementing the most efficient and cost-effective solutions so that you can spend your time and resources running your business.


Lantek helps to identify IT problems through Technology Assessments and reshape them into opportunities via Strategic Planning & Roadmaps.  We focus on helping executive teams understand their current technologies and how to use it for process improvement and automation.  Maybe your existing team could use some support with Technology Selections and Management, or maybe you just need consultant-level advice to set you on the right path. No matter what your IT needs, Lantek has the experience to set you up with a plan to support and grow your business. Reach out to Lantek and get in touch with a motivated and experienced IT expert today. 

CIO Services

Having the right technology in place is essential for business growth and we understand that in-house IT services are not always possible. Lantek offers virtual CIO services so that you can have someone on your side when you need invaluable IT support. By taking on a vCIO, you get the professional insights and budget-conscious wisdom of a high-profile IT executive at a much more reasonable cost. If you need someone to look at your business to assess your specific needs, review your operations for efficiency, and look out for your business interests in a world of ever-changing tech innovation, and Lantek is your solution.


Cloud infrastructure is the standard for top-performing companies, and Lantek can help your company join them. We will closely examine your existing organizational structures to determine the best cloud-based solution for your business. Then, we will work alongside your people through the implementation phase to make sure you have experts running your new technology. Lantek will help with solutions like virtual dedicated servers, virtual hosted networks, Microsoft Office 365, network managed services, and more. Ready to move your business forward? Contact Lantek to find out what cloud solution is the perfect fit for your business. 


Working with Lantek begins with a consultation that thoroughly examines how our knowledge can serve you. All projects are business projects and strong IT Project Management begins with supporting the business goals.  By starting with an evaluation of where you have been, Lantek ensures that you take the most effective, strategic path to where you are going. From there, we will be ready to tackle big projects that might have seemed overwhelming before. If you have a big technology project on your hands, reach out and let us know so we can help. 


Reaching out to a managed services provider is the best way to guarantee your company stays technologically current while maintaining maximum cost efficiency. Lantek is the go-to managed services provider in the Cincinnati area, and we are able to help with everything from maintaining your systems to implementing enterprise applications. Do not settle for operations that do not work for your business. Give us a call today to see how you can improve your operations while cutting down on spending

Experienced Technology Leadership

Whether from a consulting standpoint or as a full-fledged vCIO, Lantek provides confident, experienced leadership you can rely on. Bringing foresight to the table, we will clearly define how proposed IT initiatives will make an impact on your business. We understand the importance of making the right choices, and will help with big decisions spanning IT spend analysis, vendor strategy development, software selection services, and business continuity and disaster recovery design.

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We want to provide value and welcome your questions. Please contact us to discuss your current IT situation and future needs.